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Repairs :: Jaguar S Type Shifter Part malfunction (Page 1 of 2)

A very common difficulty with the 1999-2002 Jaguar S-Type cars can be breakage in the pricey shifter assembly for the automatic transmission. And to make Mint Alloys matters worse, this shifter assembly has been on back-order from Jaguar for nearly a year or longer without ETA for new stock at the time of this listing.

The aluminum shift block replaces the weak plastic piece that fails on all Jaguar shifter assemblies. No need for a used shifter assembly or new shifter assembly from dealer! Save you hundreds of dollars.

Disconnect shifter assembly from vehicle, detach shift cable and install new aluminum shifter block. Reinstall to get a lifetime of trouble free shifting.

No more applying the parking brake to shift in or out of gear! No costly tows to the repair shop or dealer!

Shifter block malfunction is the most typical repair I see at Lansing Professional Fleet Auto Repair that fails in the Jaguar S-Types. I will be able to save you thousands of dollars, headaches and miss diagnosis of this problem.

I myself believe Jaguar S Types are utter garbage and I feel sorry for everybody who has bought one and desire to influence any future individuals from ever buying one. If you happen to be among the blessed ones who've not had any of these repairs fail with your S-Type or Lincoln LS you happen to be extremely lucky.

In case you didn't know these cars are sisters, meaning they are identical, they share several similar components and style flaws. The three most typical problems are as follows.

Shift linkage breaks and vehicle will not go into or come out of park, front lower ball joints or front struts rattle and clunk, and rear of vehicle clunks and rattles awfully from bad lower strut bushings.

Shifter failure is the most typical and costly repair relating to the Jaguar S-Type. Sadly doing it once will not guarantee it is not going to happen for a second time. many owners learn a few days or months later the shifter breaks again. Average cost of this repair is $500-1000.00 Currently Jaguar has no supplier for the failed shifter assembly also to my knowledge I purchased the last new one back in December of 2009! I've obtained second-hand ones on EBay for about 100.00 since then I've seen them under $200 every now and then.

Why does this component break down you may ask? Well from the manufacture's genius design and production skills they decided that a tiny plastic block the dimensions of half your hand is resilient enough to handle the force of your complete weight of your vehicle, the shifter itself, the transmission, the shift cable and regular wear on these parts.

To this day no recall continues to be issued as they do not think this is a safety concern or not enough people are injured (just your pockets) from this part failing.

I discovered an aftermarket company who will now be selling an alternate design ($179-$269) that may once and for all handle shifter block breakdown.

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